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Angels of the Lord Vol. 2
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Are Angels real, do they exist today, have they names like humans? In the second volume of this book series you find more answers you never dared to asked other believers. In this second book, Angels of the Lord, Apostle Dr. Gunter Rappl again takes his readers on a fascinating journey into the deeper understanding of the realm of the angels of YHWH Echad. Apostle Dr. Gunter Rappl covers fascinating topics such as detailed descriptions of the abode of angels, the dimensions of heavens, the Hebrew names of angels, special angelic forces for support of saints, supernatural transport by angels, and Abraham's bosom, to name a few. He reveals little known facts about the ministry of angels in the Courts of Heaven, angels and essential oils of the bible, angels and solfeggio worship music, and angels of the times and seasons of YHWH. He also describes for the first time the prophetic Goshen's in these last days. The revelations described in the book are again backed up by real life angelic encounters and diverse angelic visitations alone or together as ministry team in his Ekklesia Consuming Fire & GFC in Cologne, Germany. Bible-based prayers at the end of each part of the second volume of this series invite the reader to actively engage with these heavenly messengers of YHWH Echad to release protection, healings or blessings from the trading floors of heaven unto the heirs of Elohim according to the promise.

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